Daisy - Cheese Box - 15" Diameter
Daisy - Cheese Box - 15" Diameter

Daisy - Cheese Box - 15" Diameter

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For ages cheese makers have put their cheeses into round wooden boxes.  Over time those boxes standardized into three sizes.  The Daisy is the large size round cheese box with a lid.  If it was being used for cheese a 20 to 22 pound wheel of cheese would fit inside.

One round wooden cheese box, 15" approximate diameter, to which you may add additional items, and we will wrap them up (as pictured).  Makes an excellent gift.

What FITS?:  We suggest 2-3 wines + crackers + 2-4 jams + 1-3 meats  (Just add the items you would like included into your shopping cart and we will put it all together.  You can give us specific directions in the notes of your order.)


NOTE:  WINES or Alcohol added cannot be shipped

Please don't add cheese to this box unless you intend to both pick it up promptly (or have it delivered), and refrigerate it upon receipt.

*note the price listed is only if your fill this box with items from our shop