B.Raw - Cheese / Honey Sampler

B.Raw - Cheese / Honey Sampler

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4 x 4 hand-corked 1 oz. vials are sealed in beeswax + wooden block to stand the vials in

"Blueberry Honey from Maine: Sweet buttery finish pairs with drier, earthy blue cheeses, such as Stilton.

Buckwheat Honey from Washington State: Strong, spicy, molasses-like sweetness that complements the tang of a fresh goat cheese.

Sourwood Honey from North Carolina: Very floral honey with a distinctive tartness that balances the strong flavors of bloomy rind cheeses like Camembert

Sweet Yellow Clover from Colorado: Delicate taste and warm undertones of cinnamon and honey mellow pungent or astringent flavors making it a match for washed rind cheese like Epoisses or Taleggio"