10-15 Person Artisan Cheese Tray

10-15 Person Artisan Cheese Tray

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Includes 3 cheeses, 1 in season fruit, sliced charcuterie, and one cracker

Tray also includes 1 ounce of almonds, fresh seasonal fruit and sliced cured meat:

We can create any kind of artisan cheese and charcuterie tray you desire.  To simplify things we have a few pre-priced trays, but we would be happy to make changes to these (changes may increase the price).

Pre-priced Trays, Cheese selections include choice of:

  • Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar
  • The Stag White Cheddar
  • Applewood Smoked Cheddar
  • Habanero Cheddar
  • Jalepeno Jack
  • Baby Swiss
  • Cotswold (dbl Gloucester w/green onions & chive)
  • Fontina Fontal soft Italian cheese,
  • Havarti soft buttery cheese from Holland
  • Smoked Gouda from Wisconsin,
  • Beemster 18 Month Gouda
  • Double Cream Gouda Holland 
  • Penta Cream (Blue)
  • Wildfire Blue (Blue w/Hot Peppers)          
  • Fromage D'Afinois (double cream brie)
  • Wensleydale w/Cranberries
  • Fresh Chevre (goat)

Choose Artisan Crackers:               

  • Olivia's Bakehouse Plain                                                                
  • 24 Degrees Natural                                                                        
  • Croccatinni Plain